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​Vayusha Yoga Studio COVID-19 Protocol


We sure have missed seeing and practicing with you, and thank you for your patience as we slowly opened back up. We wanted to take our time to make sure we take every precaution so that our staff and students feel safe and well. Please read through the new policies and protocols below and you will also find a mandatory Covid-19 waiver attached as well.



#1 - Self-monitoring of Covid-19 Symptoms


Each student and staff member must follow the self-monitoring guidelines of BC Health Governing bodies. Please monitor yourself (and anyone you live with) and assess if any of the following symptoms arise:

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • Fever

  • Chills

  • Muscle Pain

  • Headache

  • Sore Throat

  • Loss of Taste or smell


If you are showing any signs of the above symptoms at all, please contact the studio via email immediately to ensure that we update your account and cancel your registered class spots. We ask that you DO NOT come to the studio if you don’t feel well and/or showing any signs of the virus and to call #811 for medical guidance. Any students or staff with these symptoms will not be allowed to enter the studio for a minimum of 14 days.


Should you experience symptoms within 14 days of attending the studio you MUST inform the studio immediately, as the students and staff that attended the same class will need to be contacted by phone and email and advised to monitor themselves. All identities will remain confidential within the contact tracing notifications sent out.


Upon everyone’s first visit they will be required to sign a separate Covid-19 waiver to confirm they understand their responsibilities and that they have not experienced or live with anyone experiencing the virus symptoms. This waiver can be signed and sent electronically to, or bring a signed copy with you to the studio, or arrive with enough time to sign one at the studio before your first class.


#2 - Personal Hygiene and Sanitizing Protocol


Face masks are MANDATORY all the time except during practice.


Wash your hands for 20 seconds or sanitize your hands before and after your class. There will be a hand washing station at the sink and two designated sanitation stations within the studio (by the front counter and inside the studio room right upon entry under the light switches). 


Please avoid touching your face, and always cover your mouth with a tissue, sleeve or your inner elbow when sneezing or coughing. 


The studio floors, counters, taps, and light switches will be sanitized by the studio desk staff between each class with a cleaner that has been approved by Worksafe BC. 


#3 - Studio arrangement and Space guidelines


All staff and students must abide by the standard  2m social distance spacing guidelines at all times.


Please do not come earlier than your scheduled time. 


When arriving at the studio students will be asked to line up outside the door and down the hallway maintaining the designated social distance spacing guidelines. The studio desk staff will open the door when opening to welcome each student to come in and check in one at a time. 

Since the lobby isn’t very large we cannot have more than 4 people within the lobby space at the same time, this includes staff. 


Only one staff member will be allowed behind the front desk at a time. This person will greet, screen and check-in each student one at a time. 

Cubbies have been moved to avoid more contact surfaces. These are NOT to be used until further notice. Students are asked to line up their shoes along the empty wall and proceed into the classroom.


Students are to bring their belongings with them to their mat space area, and please limit the number of items you bring if possible. We ask that you please help us keep a quiet, calm relaxing environment by ensuring your phone is OFF or silent, NOT on vibrate as it can still be disruptive. 


The studio room has 11 student mat spaces that are marked and numbered and within the social distance guidelines. Students are to file to the back of the room spots first and then filling up towards the front of the room las. Please leave the two front middle spaces for better visibility and easier access to the iPad for Zoom streaming if the spots are not fully filled.


There is a designated spot on the studio floor in front of the teacher where the studio iPad stand will sit for online streaming. None of the “in-studio” students will be visible on the Zoom camera unless they cross in front of it before or after class. 


Teachers will remain on their mats during class other than the clear path along the front of the room to access the stereo, light switches and two thermostats. There will be no hands-on adjustments or assistance at this time.


No studio props are available to use at this time. Students and teachers must bring their own mat, water, and props they wish to use for class. A good recommendation of props would be 2 blocks, a strap and a blanket.


Washrooms will still be accessible on the building floor. Please be sure to continue using the social distance and hand sanitizing protocol when entering and leaving the studio to use the washroom. 


Tea and snacks have been discontinued until further notice.

#4 - Class schedule and times


Most of the class times have been adjusted to 1-hour maximum in order to accommodate more time between classes for the proper sanitizing of the floors, counters, taps, light switches. Please ensure you are aware of your new class start times.

Most classes will be in the studio, with the exception of a few restorative classes due to the number of props needed for accessibility and the comfort of all students. With the class size restrictions and the overall health concerns for some of our most vulnerable students, each studio class will also be streamed live on Zoom.  When students are registering for a class online there will be 2 class options to register for either “in-studio” or “virtual”. Please ensure you sign up for the correct class.


All students must continue to preregister for classes to minimized check-in time and contactless payments. 

Please be advised that for any “no show” or “late cancel” studio classes there will be a $10 charge for monthly auto-pay members or will count as a class taken on your class card. No exceptions!!

We require a 2-hour minimum class cancellation notice from students by either removing themselves from the class online or by email to the studio at info@vayushayoga.comNo phone calls please as we are not always in the studio 2 hours before class. If spots for a full class become available, we will initiate contact with the first students on the waitlist to try and fill the class. So if the class says it’s full you can select to be added to the waitlist. Just because you are on the waitlist doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get in. 


No drop-ins will be accepted unless there is still registration space in the class. This can be confirmed no sooner than 30 min before the class start time. 


#5 - Leaving after class


After class, we ask that students file out of the studio one at a time starting from the first row. With the added cleaning and screening procedures, we ask that everyone exit in a timely manner to consider those behind you and so space can be prepared for the next group. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation with all of this!!


This is where we will start, operate and see how everything goes. We can make any changes necessary based on functionality and feedback. Please remember that these are not changes that we wanted to implement to our business but are required to do so to keep everyone safe. That is our utmost priority at this time.


Lastly, this pandemic has been quite the journey and roller coaster for all of us and the inspirational connection through our community has been very helpful for so many. We thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding as we navigate through these challenging times. If you have any questions, or if you feel we missed something or want to provide feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know. 


We’re in this together!!


Vayusha Studio Staff & Management