INTERVIEW WITH:  Ileana Rockson

Can you tell us about your background?

What brought you to yoga? After experiencing some traumatic events i turned to meditation first to deal with the stress and after couple of months of practice .. my body told me to start moving ... I joined a hot yoga studio 

Why did you decide to become a teacher? 

I always knew i wanted to help people , people that need it , people that suffer . Fitness has always helped me in so many ways ... i feel like teaching found me 


What do you love most about teaching? 

I get to express my journey my events and share the wisdom with my students.


What is your favorite pose? 

Savasana , i feel like i need it almost everyday and i know society these days  need it the most too 


What should students expect from you? 

Expectations are always a way for disappointment .. i would like to offer my students the ability to tap into their own bodies , bringing in awareness and allowing our bodies to move on the way we feel that day !!!! yoga is daily practice off or on the mat 

What do you want your students to take away from your teachings?

If i can say something a phrase or a fact and those words can shift or change their perspective on life i feel like i am completing my duty !  

Favorite quote?  The present moment  contains past and future. The secret of transformation is in the way we handle this very moment - Thich Nhat Hanh 

What is your advice for new yoga students?

Yoga is not about poses ... its not how many chaterangas we can ... or how good we look in dancers pose... Yoga is the practice of discovering who you are... while pursuit of poses.

The yoga practice is to watch / observe/ bring in awareness on how the mind interacts with the body and how it effects the spirit  ...

What brought you to yoga?
I was first introduced to yoga in a prenatal class 14 years ago while pregnant with my eldest son.