Can you tell us about your background?

I am recently retired from a busy corporate life, and I love practicing and teaching yoga, as well as painting. I have practiced yoga for about twenty years, and have been a teacher for almost four years now. 


What brought you to yoga?

I had several injuries from working at the computer. I learned that yoga was better than anti inflammatory medication and decided to try it. I stayed because yoga made me feel so good. Yoga also did help with the more or less chronic pain and the associated fear in my mind. It helped me de-stress and heal.


Why did you decide to become a teacher?

It was something I wanted to do when I retired, and a natural progression of becoming more and more involved with practicing yoga and meditation. I wanted to share this powerful practice with others, hopefully help people to live a more peaceful life with less physical and mental pain and better connections and relationships.


What do you love most about teaching?

The connection with the students and seeing them reach a state of peace and happiness.

What is your favorite pose?

I have three. Childs pose for rest and going inwards. Supine twist. It always releases my lower back and is grounding. Savasana as it is the most important pose, integrating the whole practice.


What should students expect from you?

My style is friendly, warm and focused on going inward and safe alignment.  I like to introduce elements of meditation in to the practice, and always at least one pranayama. This is because it brings us in touch with our inner self, which gets close to bliss and is healing.

What do you want your students to take away from your teachings?

That there is always peace and beauty within us, accessible by practicing. That bliss is always there for us to access, and that practicing helps us love ourselves more, so that we can be kind and loving towards others, benefiting all others.


Proudest yoga moment?

When I ended a class and everyone smiled happily.


Most embarrassing yoga moment?

Recently, when I forgot to come by with blankets, and totally forgot until after the class was over.


Favorite quote? Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. - Dalai Lama


Yoga inspiration?

My fellow teachers, each and every one. Buddhist teachings about non attachment, meditation and mindfulness.


What is your advice for new yoga students? Practice gently, without judgement and comparison. It is not how deeply we stretch it is how we breathe slowly and deeply that is important.