Getting Grounded: Why is it so important?

If you’re anything like me the daily grind can sometimes make you feel like your partaking in triathlon of errands. Weaving in and out of slow walkers, swimming in a stack of paperwork, multitasking the *#)@! out of your commute to the wherever you need to be. All in hopes that you reach the finish line.

You may find yourself stuck in your head, checking off the to-do list- disconnected from the rest of your body. So much so, that if I am being frank, its not uncommon to run into the odd inanimate object. At this point you need some serious grounding. To feel grounded is hugely important not just physically, but mentally. It enables us to connect to our body, and then to something bigger than ourselves, like your family, friends, community, country, ecosystem, solar system, and beyond! Soon enough, those errands that didn’t get checked off your to-do- list don’t seem so big; the ego starts to check out and we begin to feel a gentle pull to the earth. That’s getting grounded for you, and it feels mighty good.

A grounded yoga practice focused on the muladhara chakra, also called the first chakra or root chakra, cultivates a sense of balance and ease while managing stress. It allows you to get out of your head and able to reconnect with the world around you.

A physical first chakra yoga practice focuses on rooting down through the legs and feet while examining the inner foundation.

Here are three yoga poses (with our beautiful instructor Brooke) that do just that!

Yoga pose #1:

Warrior two-Virabhadrasana

Symptom: Scattered brained and erratic behaviour.

Prescription: Warrior 2; a root chakra pose, helps to create a sense of stability while calming an overactive mind and channels energy downwards.

Practice: Close your eyes and imagine a beam of light running from your tailbone downwards, pulling you to the earth below you. To take it to the next level of grounding, picture that beam of light flowing all the way to the earth’s core.

Yoga Pose #2

Trikonasana or Triangle Pose

Symptom: Anxious, stressed out and self-critical.

Prescription: Triangle pose has similar grounding effects as Warrior 2, however triangle pose has a slight twist in the spine, and a rotation of the chest towards the ceiling. The slight twist and rotation creates an opening of the chest and thus the opening of the heart chakra. Triangle pose also helps to build an overall awareness and appreciation of the body, while liberating one from toxic emotional patterns.

Practice: The trick to this pose is to concentrate on fostering a soft and steady breath. With each inhale imagine the breadth coming up through your feet all the way to the top of your head, and exhale moving back down through your body into the ground.

Yoga Pose #3

Tadasana or Mountain Pose

Symptom: Unfocused, and lack of awareness.

Prescription: As the name eludes, Tadasana fosters the embodiment of a mountain, steady and unshakeable. The pose is fairly straightforward, and therefore allows the mind to ease into a restful state, allowing your awareness to embodying the pose.

Practice: To deepen this pose, imagine that you have roots extending from the soles of your feet into the ground below, steadying and connecting you firmly to the healing energies of the earth.

Finally, the most obvious way to foster and enhance a grounding practice is to take it outside! The feeling of your bare feet connecting with rawness of nature is unlike any practice inside. Practice on and happy grounding everyone!

Big thanks to our Stretch and Flow instructor Brooke for being a patient model! By the way, if you haven’t checked out any of her classes, well, you certainly should! She offers a great grounding sequence.

With Gratitude,

Alexandra Gerhardt

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