Have you met Joey yet?

We are happy to (finally) officially announce the new ownership of Vayusha Yoga by Joey Zeng. Many of you will have met Joey already, but for those of you who haven't Joey purchased Vayusha from Gillian a few months ago. Here's a bit from our new owner:

"My name is Joey Zeng, the new owner of Vayusha yoga studio since April 15th, 2016. I moved to Canada from China about 3 years ago and have been practicing yoga for years when I lived in China. I completed my yoga teacher training here last year. And was very lucky to get the chance to buy this business when I finished my teacher training. I am so grateful to own Vayusha because of all these good clients and wonderful teachers. For me, Vayusha is not only a business, it is something I love with all my devotion. And also it's a real settle down to an immigrant like me.It is my life. So I'll do everything I can to make Vayusha even better."

Congratulations Joey!

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