Vayusha Yoga Presents: Yoga for Sleep with Sleep Coach Sarah Domes

Suffering over sleep?

Having a hard time falling asleep?

Waking in the middle of the night? Not waking rested?

You were born knowing how to sleep deeply. Over time stress and life pulls us off balance and, if you’re like over 20million North Americans, negatively impacts our sleep at night and our joy during the day. Luckily there’s hope: sleep-science + yoga-wisdom.

No prior yoga experience required. This workshop will teach you to reprogram your sleep response using yoga and sleep-science so you can wake up rested with energy for your day and no more worries about sleep, day or night!


  • How to fall asleep predictably & easily without the use of pills.

  • How to stay asleep & enjoy uninterrupted restful sleep through the night.

  • How to wake rested energized & ready for a great day ahead.

  • How to stop a busy mind so thinking doesn't keep awake.

  • The 3am Solution: Know exactly what to do to help your body back to sleep.

This workshop includes a personal sleep-assessment so you know what’s helping and what’s harming your sleep, a step-by-step workbook for creating your sleep-trigger at home, and a beautiful 1.5 hour practice that experientially teaches each participant to program their body for deep relaxation and ultimately deep sleep.

Sunday November 5th I 1.00pm - 4.30pm

$49 before Oct 15th

$59 after Oct 15th >>

Pre-registration is a must!

**Please note that minimum participation must be achieved for the program to be held. OR 778.988.9642

About Sarah Domes:

Taught by Sleep Coach and 500E-RYT Sarah Domes.

“I had periodic insomnia for 11 years before I released the stress of a life pulled in too many directions, gained clarity on what helps my body reset each night, and stepped into a balanced life including yoga. Suddenly I slept great. I was convinced and wanted to teach others.

One step at a time I studied sleep science, yoga and heart-centered relaxation, and created ReST (Restorative Sleep Therapy). In 2008 I opened Inner Truth Yoga, a boutique sleep coaching and restorative yoga studio in downtown Vancouver where I worked with hundreds of people to improve their sleep. After a car-accident in 2011 asked me to change directions I became a director at the Vancouver School of Yoga creating new teacher trainings and was featured on My Yoga Online with 18+ yoga and meditation videos focusing on sleep and deep relaxation viewed by over 2million people around the world.

Called to support people in living their balanced inner truth, my heart’s asked me to return to full-time sleep coaching. I’m now travelling teaching workshops on yoga for sleep, sleep coaching in-person and online. My work with yoga + sleep science is now featured in an insomnia-specific yoga program called Stretch to Sleep that can be found online at:

I look forward to helping you to assess your sleep, release what does not serve you, and build a strong sleep-trigger so you can relax into the ReST you were born knowing how to have.”

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