THERAPEUTIC YOGA FOR THE SPINE with Anne A 4-Part Yoga Therapy Series for each part of the spine. Students may register for just one, or all four workshops.

WHAT: Yoga Therapy has been scientifically proven to decrease, or completely eliminate back pain and some spinal disorders. Come learn how to self-treat your spinal pain or disorder with yoga!

These four workshops will be for ALL LEVELS and cover the following four areas:

April 8th I 1-3PM: Yoga for the Cervical Spine April 22nd I 1-3PM: Yoga for the Thoracic Spine May 27th I 1-3PM: Yoga for the Lumbar Spine June 10th I 1-3PM: Yoga for the Pelvis & Sacrum

Single session: $35+gst Full Series: $110+gst

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