Community: Creating a Safe & Welcoming Space

Welcoming new & existing students to 2019!

As step into a New Year, full of resolutions and good intentions, we are excited to welcome new students to the studio. We thought it would be a good moment to remind ourselves and to educate our new friends on the best way to hold a space that is both welcoming and conducive to our devotion to this practice that is yoga.

Here is our top 5 guidelines for a happy community:

1. Be on time: this means a little early to set up your equipment and settle in your yoga headspace. If an unforeseen circumstance forces you to be a bit late, be especially quiet and mindful of those around you. After all, taking some time out of our busy lives is not always easy, so lets make sure that we all get the most of it.

2. Turn off your cell phones: please!

3. Don’t wear strong fragrances – We all love a nice essential oil or lovely cologne, but in a large class focused on breathing, this can affect some adversely.

4. Socializing: We have a great community at Vayusha and we are proud of it. Sometimes it means we are excited to catch up with friends, but please keep it before class or after class so that everyone can get the most of their time on the mat.

5. Tell your teacher if you have physical or health concerns and limitations: Our teachers are amazingly talented at offering different options for poses. Give them a chance to offer a class that’s just right by informing them prior to the start of class.

Finally, keep an open mind. You never know where today’s exploration of the mat will take you!

With love always,

The Vayusha Team

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