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Lauren Rogele

ERYT 500

Lauren has been teaching yoga fulltime since 2005. She has spent thousands of hours learning a variety of different yoga, movement and healing modalities, including being a certified fascial stretch therapist.


Lauren is also a teacher trainer and has been involved in yoga trainings since 2010 both as program director and faculty member through the Vancouver school of healing arts.

Expect the unexpected in Lauren’s classes. She brings her extensive knowledge and playful spirit to each class. With a well-balanced and functional approach to yoga and movement, you’re sure to leave feeling satisfied and relaxed.

For more information on Lauren, go to her website

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Cathy Lawson

Professionally, Cathy has spent many years in Sales & Management. She have been practicing yoga for over 10 years, but in 2010 she spent an awakening weekend with Baron Baptiste which led her to the possibility of teaching. Through 2010 & 2011, she completed a 100 hour level-one with the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute and then completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training and subsequent mentorship with Rachel Scott at YYoga in Vancouver. In 2012, she completed Hot Training with Kirsten Campbell. 

These days, she spends a lot of time hanging with an amazing son who makes her laugh and smile way too much! Students can expect a well sequenced, alignment based class from Cathy. Her classes offer students an opportunity to meet their edge and challenge themselves through self inquiry. Her class lends to building heat in the body through a series of strengthening postures always leading towards a peak pose.

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Kerri Neild

Kerri brings a holistic approach to yoga by weaving into her classes the philosophical, energetic, and spiritual aspects of yoga, as well as the scientific and physical benefits. She believes that we practice yoga on the mat so that we can encourage a more flexible body, mind, nervous system, and way of being off the mat. She is a certified hatha, yin, and restorative yoga teacher with over a decade of teaching experience, and a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) working as a Somatic Therapist. She loves her family, learning, creating, reading, meditating, Netflix, strong coffee, being outdoors, philosophical conversations, and connecting with others.

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Leena Joshi

Yoga has been part of Leena’s life since she was a child: She watched her 81-year grandmother, who was blind, gracefully, and elegantly do her daily yoga practice. Leena feels that in her wiser years, she looks back with inspiration and awe at her as a person; and her dedication-it was a lifestyle. In adulthood, yoga found Leena when she was ready. Leena started to explore yoga: the breath and poses dance so intimately. 


Leena has completed her 200- and 300-hour yoga teacher trainings, including Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga; and recently, 2 years of training in Mindfulness and Meditation, and mindful based Stress Reduction.


Leena’s hope for her students is to be present with their mind, body, and breathe; be okay with what arises in those moments; and being held in a safe space. Leena is there to facilitate their journeys. We are all students, and Leena continues to learn so much about herself on and off the mat.

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Carli Jean Loptson

CJ loves connecting with people and being a part of a practice that requires people to fully show up. She can’t imagine not teaching yoga, it fuels her and she learns so much from the amazing people that continue to show up and practice in her classes. 

Carli Jean brings a thoughtful sequence that includes emphasis on breath and movement linked together. She likes to play music and expect laughter. 


CJ wants students to leave her classes feeling empowered, and to feel connected to their self as well as to each other. 

Her best piece of advice would b to get on your mat. Sit, breathe, move, sweat, dance and remember this is a practice. If we all showed up with the answers or able to do every posture then it wouldn’t be much fun. It is a process and this is where the yoga happens.

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Maria Van Roode

Maria is a devoted teacher and student of yoga. She teaches with a focus on increasing flexibility, strength and balance through stability. She encourages her students to be open and accepting of where they are today yet continuing to challenge them to strive beyond their boundaries. She teaches students to be observing of their own bodies and have greater alignment in their poses.

“My yoga practice brings me joy and an openness to learning. I wish to share this with others. When we are open and accepting of where we are today, it allows us to restore calm in our body, mind and soul so we can continue to grow.”

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Line Grantham

As a student, Line immediately fell in love with the practice and eventually decided she wanted to expose people to the wonders of yoga.


Line brings her passion for yoga to each class with lots of focus on building strength, balance and awareness, all while enjoying a good stretch and all the other amazing benefits yoga has to offer.


Students can expect a well balanced & creative sequence along with a spirit of playfulness, followed by breath work and a relaxing Savasana.

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Kerri Sumner

CYA-E-RYT 550hr, Yoga Therapist in Training

Kerri was introduced to yoga in 2006 and quickly began to see the benefits of yoga, reducing years of chronic back pain and inspiring more work/life balance. Yoga has supported her through many life challenges, including loss and PTSD, and her practice continues to heal her heart. 

Kerri is a 550hr certified instructor, with over a decade of teaching experience. She is currently training to become a certified yoga therapist, specializing in chronic pain, functional movement and trauma. She is passionate about supporting students’ healing through yoga. 

Her classes are clear and alignment-based, with a focus on mindful, breath-inspired movement. She believes that yoga should be accessible for everyone, and empowers students to explore their practice with curiosity, connecting with themselves to uncover more peace and ease on and off their mat. Her relatability and sense of humour provide a comfortable, safe space for students of all levels and backgrounds.

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Vanessa Fryer

Vanessa is an enthusiastic Yin and Hatha teacher that brings her experience and knowledge as a personal trainer and group fitness coach into her yoga classes. She has been practicing yoga for over 12 years, discovering methods from Bikram all the way through to Yin. Her passion comes through in class with her creative movements and thoughtfully planned sequences suitable for all levels of yogis. Her balanced approach of intensity and calmness play well with teaching one’s self to overcome difficult moments both on and off the mat.


In her classes you will discover a deep connection to the breath, self-awareness and internal love by encouraging her students to honour their bodies. Vanessa is dedicated to helping people feel their very best.

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Elaine Wang

Elaine's yoga journey began in 2006 when she suffered from severe seasonal allergy. She got immediate relief from practicing hot yoga and in the spring of 2008, she successfully completed 500hr YTT and began teaching yoga full time. In 2013, she completed yin YTT with Bernie Clark and in 2015 she completed 300hr Vinyasa YTT in Goa, India. She also fulfilled the training on RAD Myofascial Release; Thai Yoga Massage; Aerial Yoga TT and some Tai Chi.


She always considers herself a student and enjoys practicing various styles of yoga and honored to share her knowledge and experience with others. She believes that practicing yoga is process of learning to listen and discover about the body and mind. Her classes are filled with compassion and her energy is very humbling. You will feel very relaxed and grounded when you leave her class.

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Cindy Thornton-Veltri

After dabbling in yoga as a teenager, Cindy fell ”head over heels” in love with the practice 20 years ago. She has since spent over 600 hours studying and training with masterful teachers.


While raising a family, Cindy enjoyed an active life teaching fitness classes and travelling as a flight attendant for 42 years, but multiple injuries made her seek out yoga. Yoga always brings her back to a place of healing and health.


Cindy is passionate about helping people find their own path to recovery. She enjoys the activity of strong yang movement and finds balance in the quieter yin and restore practice.


    Nazanin Khan

    Nazanin was introduced to Yoga, specifically Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga following a traumatic car accident. Not only was her body constantly in pain, but her mental health suffered. She tried everything she could to help "fix" herself with no real lasting benefits, so she gave yoga a shot. After a few months, her body felt different. She was healing. And then came another shift. Through this practice, Nazanin noticed her mind was more calm. She began to share her experience with friends and family and eventually decided she had to share with others. 


    After taking her 200 YTT, Nazanin completed her 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training along with a 60 hour extensive Restorative Training. Since then, she has received her Meditation Certification, MBSR, CWMF and she is currently in the process of finishing 500 YTT and Integrated Yoga Therapy. We never know that one of the worst things that happen to us is actually a blessing in disguise.


      Lisa Martin

      Lisa started practicing yoga as a young athlete to help gain flexibility and increase strength. Since then her yoga journey has become a necessary outlet for self care, taking to the mat to get out of everyday life and focusing on what her body and mind needs.  


      Lisa’s classes will provide thoughtfully guided instruction. Pulling from her knowledge of yoga, fitness, and acrobatics, you can expect a balanced and playful class of strength and stretch ending with relaxation and focused breathing exercises to bind the body, mind and soul.


        Jocelyne Couture

        Born and raised in Manitoba, Jocelyne was surrounded by her Métis heritage and taught early on about indigenous teachings and our connection to all relations. Her healing practice evolved in becoming a Hatha yoga teacher for over 20 years and now weaves her Métis and yogic teachings in Stretch and Restorative Yoga classes which she lovingly calls her “gatherings”. Jocelyne brings us a meditative, receptive practice allowing ourselves to let go of holding ourselves up and being supported while surrendering layers of deeply held tension. She also carries the teachings of her Elders in her classes aimed at connecting you to the Sacred Healer—your Self.


          Danny Ferguson

          Meet Danny, a dedicated and passionate yoga teacher and therapist who is deeply committed to guiding individuals on their path to well-being. With a RYT 500 certification and a diploma in Advanced Yoga Therapy, Danny possesses the knowledge and expertise to provide transformative experiences. At his clinic, Reclaim Harmony in Langley BC, he offers personalized one-on-one yoga therapy sessions to support individuals in their healing journey.

          Danny's passion lies in yin yoga, a practice that deeply resonates with him. He believes in the transformative power of yin yoga to cultivate deep relaxation, balance, and introspection. In his classes, Danny invites you to slow down, find stillness, and nourish your body and mind through the gentle yet profound practice of yin yoga. Through its emphasis on long-held poses and mindful breathing, you will be guided to release tension, access deep layers of relaxation, and restore your inner harmony.


          Join Danny for his inspiring yin yoga class at the counseling collective and embark on a journey of self-discovery, rejuvenation, and inner transformation. Experience the power of yin yoga as you embrace moments of stillness, connect with your inner self, and cultivate a profound sense of well-being.

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            Cindy Lenci

            After riding and caring for horses for 25 years my body was a little worn out. I suffered from a herniated disc and thought this can’t be my future. I promised myself that once my body was healed I would do whatever it took to maintain health! I discovered yoga 10 years ago and I haven’t looked back. Yoga is my fountain of youth!  I want to share this amazing practice to help others in their quest for health of mind, body and soul!

            Trained in Hatha and Yin, Cindy’s students can expect a well-balanced class working the body and the breath (with the focus on how we feel in a pose rather than how we look). Her goal is to provide students a supportive space to practice, offering modifications for all our unique bodies. She hopes you leave class feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

            When in Doubt, Yoga!


            Ed Bak

            Ed's journey from dealing with sciatic back pain in 2006 to becoming a yoga instructor with a focus on functional yoga and yin yoga is inspiring. His personal experience with the healing benefits of yoga and avoiding hip replacement surgery through online yin yoga during the pandemic highlights the transformative power of yoga. Ed's decision to become a yoga instructor to help others on their healing journeys demonstrates his commitment to sharing the positive impact that yoga can have on physical and mental well-being.

            His unique approach of incorporating popular music into his classes instead of traditional "yoga" music adds a modern and dynamic element to his teaching style. This may resonate with students who appreciate a more contemporary and relatable atmosphere during their yoga practice.

            Overall, Ed's story and approach to yoga highlight the versatility of yoga as a holistic tool for healing and well-being, as well as his dedication to assisting others in their own journeys toward better health and mobility.

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