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We are constantly searching for new workshops and events to bring you to help advance your yoga practice. Want to request something specific? We'd love to hear your feedback. Contact us here.


YOGA 101


Saturday, Dec. 9th, 11:30–2pm

Price: $45 + tax

Ready to learn alignment techniques and modifications for common yoga poses in a safe and comfortable environment? If you are new to yoga, recovering from injury, have mobility restrictions, stiffness or pain during yoga or other exercise, this is the perfect workshop for you!


In this workshop, join experienced Senior yoga instructor Kerri for a journey through some of the fundamentals of yoga including;

  • Common yoga poses: learn how to modify and use props to meet yourself where you are

  • How to move your body safely: learn to listen to signals from your body and to know when to challenge yourself and when to slow down

  • Learn basic yoga breathing techniques to calm the nervous system and reduce tension


Yoga can be a transformative practice, creating space and strength in the body, providing invaluable tools to help manage stress, and create more balance in your life.

We understand that everyone's comfort and experience levels are different, and each person will be met where they are. Every-body is different, yoga is not a one-size fits all! No previous yoga experience or fitness level required.

Join us in person in the studio or take the workshop from the comfort of your own home with virtual live-streamed session. All you need is a yoga mat, some comfy clothes that allow you to move freely, and water.


Friday, Dec. 15th, 6:30–8pm

Price: $35

Gentle grounding & warming slow flow moving towards stillness in Restorative shapes. Get your body and mind set for the upcoming season.

The space is limited! Pre registration is requested.




Friday, Jan. 12th, 6–8pm

Price: $40 + tax

Lauren has thoughtfully designed this 2hrs yoga class to facilitate in the detoxification process, which in turn will naturally help with necessary elimination. The class will include some varied stretches, body rolling, breath work & relaxation. 


About Lauren:

Lauren has been teaching yoga fulltime since 2005. She has spent thousands of hours learning a variety of different yoga, movement and healing modalities, including being a certified fascial stretch therapist.


Lauren is also a teacher trainer and has been involved in yoga trainings since 2010 both as program director and faculty member through the Vancouver school of healing arts.

Expect the unexpected in Lauren’s classes. She brings her extensive knowledge and playful spirit to each class. With a well-balanced and functional approach to yoga and movement, you’re sure to leave feeling satisfied and relaxed.

For more information on Lauren, go to her website:

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