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About Us

Your hOMe away from home, a community of the heart.

Vayusha Yoga is located in South Surrey, a vibrant and friendly community, known throughout the Lower Mainland for it's sunshine and beaches! Our Yoga studio specializes in many different styles of Yoga with a fresh and nuturing community twist, fostering new ideas and approaches without losing the center of Yoga's rich traditions.


When entering Vayusha Yoga, students shed their shoes signalling that they're ready to take the first steps toward inner peace. Our highly certified instructors guide you through ancient poses tailored to the needs of modern yogis, including physical fitness and stress relief. Beginners thrive in most classes, which range from relaxing, stretch-filled Hatha routines to Flow sessions brimming with deep breaths and sun salutations.


Vayusha Yoga is about building a true community of support, providing a safe place to lay everything out on your mat. We are here to serve you and your life's journey through every twist and turn. Join us as we manifest a future full of possibility and light!

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